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An ancient land in the center of Mediterranean, in line with the spirit of Orpheo per l'alba di domani, it has always been meeting point for different cultures and traditions.

The city of Lecce is at its vibrating core, commonly nicknamed "The Florence of the South". As the capital of Baroque, it is proud of having a huge artistic and cultural heritage.

With Lecce as a base you can experience a color, sound, smell and taste explosion enchanting every sense.

It is really difficult to list all the wonderful places to admire, from the crystal clear water of the coast to the inland treasures.

An adage says:

"Salentu… lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu", which means"Salento… the land of the sun, the sea and the wind".


For more information you can contact us or better still come and discover it with your own eyes: we are waiting for you!

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