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ORPHEO per l’alba di domani is an Italian non-profit cultural association, started in 2013 and located in Lecce, Puglia.

Our main mission is to preserve and promote Italian heritage, encourage cultural creative exchange, and cultivate young talented artists both within and outside Italy.


Despite its youth, Orpheo per l’alba di domani is honored to have partecipated in many collaborations with institutions, musicians, and multidisciplinary artists based in Italy, Argentina, China, and the United States. 



Our association’s namesake is Orpheus. Orpheus was a character in Greek mythology who  symbolized artistic expression, who throughout history has represented the infinite strength of music and poetry, beauty in a time of sorrow, and rebirth in a time of crisis.

ORPHEO per l’alba di domani is the blueprint to building a new world community that emphasizes the power of creativity above all: beyond the tracklist of a CD or a picture frame on the wall, we focus on fostering and sharing diverse forms of expression from our minds, hearts, and souls.

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