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Even Tito Schipa was a child before he became a great tenor. From dusty streets and school plays, to the most important theaters in the world (and Hollywood!), he spent his entire life following music.

Today, his story is still unbelievable. It is a modern fable for children and adults alike.

Using fresh narration and simple language, we watch Tito grow up to become an immortal and indisputed opera star.

The incredible story of the Nightingale of Italy

"An engaging text, Tito - The Little Tenor is powerful and expressive. It's best if you read the book all at once."

- Beatrice Rana -

Tito - The little tenor is an heartfelt tribute to the great tenor Tito Schipa, and to music, presented in an innovative way.


Written by brothers Francesco and Matteo Spedicato (both Italian musicians), and translated by Laura Clifton Byrne, the book tells the world of opera in a fun and approachable style. It is truly for anyone: kids and adults who want to discover more. 

The text comes alive with Piero Schirinzi's colorful illustrations.

The incredible story of the

              Nightingale of Italy

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Tito - The Little Tenor is bilingual. Turn the book upside down and read the Italian version.

In English and Italian

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