Born in Lecce, Matteo studied at Conservatorio di Musica “T. Schipa” in Lecce studying with M°Fulvio Panico and then at Conservatorio di Musica “N. Piccinni” in Bari, where he graduated, with M°Filippo Lattanzi.


During the years he has joined several orchestral and chamber music contexts like Orchestra Sinfonica della fondazione ICO “Tito Schipa”, Orchestra Sinfonica Octava Dies, Orchestra del Conservatorio “Tito Schipa” di Lecce, Locomotive Percussion Orchestra, Euphonia Chamber Symphony, Salento Percussion Academy.


He collaborated in Italy and abroad with conductors and artists like Peppe Vessicchio, Roy Paci, Après La Classe, Pino Perris, Oleg Caetani, Mons. Marco Frisina, Alfonso Scarano, Pierluigi Destro, Giovanni Imparato, Mario Rosini, Raffaele Casarano, Antonio Amoroso, Cesare Dell’Anna etc.


He studied and attempted masterclasses with important musicians such as Raymond Curfs, Nick Woud, Mike Rosen, Michael Burritt, Giovanni Hidalgo, Horacio Hernandez, Edoardo Giachino, Marco Pacassoni, Stefano Rossini , Alessandro Zignani etc.


In 2015 he recorded, as a percussionist, the CD "Non sono un tenore ma un UOMO che canta da tenore", based on the show he is co-author of.

In the same year he recorded the CD "Note su tela" with the duet Francesco Spedicato, Sviatlana Rynkova.

In 2016 he is co-author of the book "Tito - Il cantante piccoletto" inspired by the figure of the great tenor Tito Schipa. In the same year he composed his first original works for the CD based on the book, taking part in the recording as a percussionist as well.

He was co-founder of the "International Arts Festival" in Copertino (Le) and now is vice president of “ORPHEO per l’alba di domani”, a cultural association based in Lecce, Puglia.


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