Laura Clifton Byrne is a photographer and cinematographer from Northern California. Before attending college, she was a student at San Francisco Art & Film, and began her education in art, photography, and film with mentors Ronald Chase and Frish Brandt. She then attended Bard College at Simon's Rock, studying under Tanya Marcuse and Laura Gail Tyler. Her Bachelor's thesis was a photography project documenting dilapidated greenhouses located in the Berkshires and Hudson Valley. In 2010, she graduated and worked as a summer workshop intern at The Woodstock Center for Photography. She was very fortunate in assisting workshops led by Mary Ellen Mark, Henry Horenstein, Dawoud Bey, Lothar Osterburg, Craig Barber, and Ed Kashi among others. 


Laura moved to New Orleans in 2011, where she explored a number of subjects such as the Second Line tradition and Mardi Gras, Louisiana Creole cuisine, the fascinating plethora of architecture styles, and the countryside surrounding southern Louisiana - an almost apocalyptic landscape dotted by oil refineries, swamps and crops of sugarcane, soy, and corn. 


Since 2013, Laura has been living in southern Italy, and is deeply involved in documenting the culture of Puglia. Specifically, her areas of interest are agricultural tradition, environmental portraiture and regional cuisine. In 2014, she photographed the summertime sagre (town festivals celebrating locally relevant religious figures, as well as feasts in honor of specific types of food). In 2015, she photographed the olive harvest in Lecce and Carovigno. For her upcoming project, she will be documenting Pizzica musicians and dancers in Salento. Laura works with both digital and analog processes.